About us

We are a partnership based in North Wales, UK, and in Kumai, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Having a base in both countries allows us to personally assist you here with all the planning of your tour, and ensures that once you are in Borneo, we guarantee you will be equally as well looked after.

The North Wales team is ran by Hannah. Hannah volunteered in Tanjung Puting National Park for 6 weeks, and set up the business with her husband who had been working in the National Park for 8 years. Hannah has a degree in Plant Science from the University of Liverpool, and a great interest in tropical wildlife and plant life.

The Kalimantan side of the team is ran by Sabrun’s neice, Rika, her mother, Julaiha, and Sabrun’s sister in law, Ani.  Ani, Julaiha and Rika have great organisation skills, and are in charge of making sure everyone knows what’s going on and when, making sure the food and drink supplies are ready for each tour, and that tours are arranged to run smoothly.

We work with a network of registered guides in Kumai, including Mrs Desy, Miss Nina, Mr Ba’in, Mr Mawardi and others, all who have experience guiding tourists around the National Park, and all of whom speak at least a basic level of English.

Sabrun’s Borneo family are  passionate about the plight of the orangutans. Guides are knowledgeable about where best to visit for bird watching, photography, Proboscis monkey viewing, and the like, and knows many tree and plant names of flora found within the park. Ani, Julaiha and Rika go out of their way to ensure trips are very memorable, and are recommended by all guests.

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