The most direct way to reach Pangkalan Bun is by direct flight from Jakarta, Semarang or Surabaya. Approaching from other cities in Indonesia, you would need to go via one of these cities.

If you are approaching from Malaysian Borneo, the most direct route is to fly from Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) to Kuching (Sarawak), to Pontianak (East Kalimantan), all possible on Malaysian Airlines, then down to Pangkalan Bun (Central Kalimantan) on Garuda (only currently flying on a Wednesday). The easiest route from Sabah or Sarawak though, would be to fly to Jakarta, with any international airline covering the route, then up to Pangkalan Bun from there.

To reach Pangkalan Bun from Bali (or any islands to the East), you need to fly first to Surabaya, Semarang or Jakarta, then on to Pangkalan Bun from there. There are no direct flights flights from Denpasar (or other islands to the East) to Pangkalan Bun.

Approaching from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, or other S. E. Asian cities, it is easiest to fly to Jakarta, then on to Pangkalan Bun from there.

There are only a few airlines currently serving Pangkalan Bun; Trigana Air, Wings Air, Nam Air, Batik Air, Garuda, and Lion Air.

Flights between Jakarta/Semarang/Surabaya and Pangkalan Bun, cost from 600,000 Rp per person, one way in the low season with the smaller airlines, and more during the high season. Some of the routes only allow a 10kg luggage allowance, so make sure to check before booking!

To book tickets from outside Indonesia, you can either book directly with some of the airlines (Garuda) or you can use an agent.  The agents that most guests use are TicketIndonesia and  TravelIndo, along with booking via the SkyScanner website.

These are the current airlines serving each route, as of May 2018:

  • Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun: Nam Air, Trigana Air.
  • Surabaya to Pangkalan Bun: Batik Air, Lion Air, WIngs Air, Trigana Air.
  • Semarang to Pangkalan Bun: Garuda, Batik Air, Lion Air, Trigana Air
  • Yogyakarta to Pangkalan Bun (via Surabaya): Wings Air
  • Pontianak to Pangkalan Bun (via Ketapang): Garuda
  • Palangkaraya to Pangkalan Bun: Batik Air

Please be aware that flights in and out of Pangkalan Bun are usually not available further than 2 months in advance.


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