Why us?

What do we offer?

We offer customisable private tours, where you a looked after from the time you are met by your guide (a local guide from Kumai with basic English), until the time your tour finishes at a hotel in Pangkalan Bun or at the airport.

Your guide would allow you to have peaceful couple, or family time, alone on the top deck of your klotok, while travelling around the park, only interrupting you to point out any interesting wildlife, or to inform you that it’s meal time, or that it’s time to¬† go on land. He or she would accompany you through the forest, on trails to and from feeding statations, and on short night time walks too if you wished. Your tour would include transfers and everything you need (see FAQs regarding exactly what it does/doesn’t include).

Food would be three meals a day plus snacks and soft drinks (mainly cartons of sweetened juices, water, and tea/coffee). As often as possible, (depending on local availability), oil used for cooking on our tours is Corn oil. Athough it’s 5 times the price of Palm oil, we don’t believe it’s right to use Palm oil due to it devastating orangutan habitats.

Taking a tour with us also means being able to email us for any questions you may have, or anything you wish to discuss to prepare yourselves for your tour. We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours on working days, and also respond to important emails at the weekends too.

We believe in fair prices. We are a small and friendly business, wanting guests to have amazing experiences, and to fall in love with Tanjung Puting and the orangutans, as we have!

We can also give some info about local hotels of varying standards for you – please enquire for more details.

For information about all our tours, see our ‘tours’ page here!


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